When I try to think of the ways to say thank you so it can carry the full weight of how much I am grateful to you for in life, I doubt I can get the right word, but from the depth of my heart I want to thank you for who you are and the source of happiness in not only my life, but that of my family.
Winning the NTTI scholarship was a beginning of a whole new world to me. Going with you to so many events and places and meeting so many people was a total eye-opener which began to widen my world-view and to give me confidence to do and dream of things I had not known of before then. That kind of exposure, coming from my very ‘introvert-ish’ background is one I can never take for granted because it spurred me on to greater things both academically, spiritually, and as a person.

As it is the first reason I met you and Uncle Iyke I want to thank you for sponsoring me financially throughout my University years, despite the challenges that came your way so many times. Having your support brought peace and helped me so much in rocky times.

However, if I told you that the financial sponsorship was the most important thing through those times, I would not be telling the truth. You will notice that I keep on using your first names even though I should be writing ‘professionally’ about the scholarship program. It is because in the following months and years after that programme, you both became so much more to me, and Ngozi, than just the organisers of the programme.

You became a source of encouragement, love, advice, learning, companionship, and so many other things. I look back now how you went out of your way to make sure we were always comfortable when we came to visit you, the many times you and especially Uncle Iyke did not shy away from talking to us on topics which might have seemed mature at the time.

I remember that first time we stayed over at your house in Alapere Ketu and we prayed in the morning before leaving and you sat us both down and gave us advice. I remember much later in my final year at UNILAG, how you encouraged me to keep going for it, and Uncle told me the story of someone he knew who had to have a re-mark of his papers despite all odds to attain an excellent mark. The quality time and love you gave to us is worth much more than could be quantified. I say thank you from my heart.

It has been quite a journey. We have all changed in so many ways. Life has brought so many different times to us since we met, but in all things, we continue to be victorious! I am no longer the 15-year￾old called into my Vice-Principal’s office in 2008 and asked if I had any talent before being told of the Talented Teens Program. Academically, I have become a lawyer and a Cambridge LLM graduate. As a person, I have learnt so much from life and adding value to the society and appreciating both the big and little things that make life worthwhile. A good part of all that I owe to you and the organisation, and I am always grateful for it.