The Girl Action programme focuses on raising healthy girls by investing in their Education, Health and Safety. This hopefully will translate to raising healthy women who will rebuild the society.
GALLANT is the acronym for Girl Action in learning, leadership and national transformation.

Our Goal is to leave no girl behind. We will raise girls with positive mind set, positive behavioural pattern, imbibing values that would help build strong and focused individuals in the 21st century and beyond.

A. Meeting forthnightly - Twice a month to learn and network.
- Safety & Health
- Civic Education
- Book Club
- Nation Building
- Character Development
- Etiquette
- Physical education & sports

B. Mentoring programme for 30 girls each. quarter.
- SDGs priorities
- The Arts
- History and Economics

C. Educational tours- Periodic trips to historical monuments and landmarks, Organizations and natural habitats.

D. Competition: Annual competition on related subjects