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We facilitate systems and structures to educate, develop and provide required resources and empowerment to create an enabling environment for sustenance in communities for global impact.


Advocacy: We advocate Free, Quality, Accessible, Safe, Equitable and Inclusive Basic Education for all school age children.

School support Programme: We support children from low income families by providing necessary learning materials such as textbooks, biros, notebooks, furniture, uniforms and scholarships. We also support schools especially government schools and community low income schools with furniture, instructional materials and other interventions to help children remain in school and complete their basic education.
We model and mentor students from low socio-economic backgrounds with a special focus on the girl child.

Safe school Programme: Through our Safe school Programme we educate and train school managers and other stakeholders on safety measures in schools, child protection and safeguarding from all forms of abuse within the school premises and in the communities where school is located and improved safety in the environment. The Safe school programme is expected to break the culture of silence, to encourage reporting of cases of violence against children, having a healthy lifestyle and improved environment. We also engage policymakers for better understanding and policy change on issues of safety of children.

We partner with relevant government bodies especially SUBEB and the Ministry of Education to have a safe school system where children of school age can learn under a conducive environment, where school management carry out their duties and where we have developed and improved school system where there is equality and Equity.

Book Drive: we promote reading culture and library hour in schools and in communities to motivate children to love books, read good and educative books. We set up reading time in our office to make children within the community come on Saturdays to read , learn to write their own stories and play games that motivate critical thinking and creativity. They are encouraged to borrow books home to read and return. We also create time to teach English and Mathematics in a conducive environment.

Youth Development

Skill Acquisition training/workshops: Training is organised for school leavers and youth generally, who want to get additional skills to enhance their living.

Entrepreneurship Development Training with ICSS modules: This training using the ICSS module is help young people become self employed and employable. For them to operate and manage their own businesses successfully and have the opportunity to access finance to grow and scale up their businesses.

ICT: workshops and training are organised for school leavers, unemployed youths, undergraduates, small business owners on how to leverage technology to grow their businesses. We also train them on how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps for their business development support.

Good Governance & Leadership enlightenment programmes: We educate young people on voters’ rights, the rule of law, Human Rights, best practices and good leadership. We take human right education, seminars to higher institutions , public and private institutions, organized groups, also to rural and urban communities

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Women Empowerment

Women in Business Clinic: Women in business are attended to on the issues they have in their businesses and how they can improve on it. They meet with experts who help to diagnose their business and guide them through appropriate steps to take to geow and scale their buinesses successfully. We organise business seminars to from time to time to keep them update on new business trends and requirements.

Skill acquisition and Entrepreneurship Training: This is carried out for women without income to learn a skill so they could be self-employed and self-reliant.

Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV): Sensitisation on SGBV, how to precent it and report cases are being shared with women in communities and through sharing of IEC materials. We partner with law enforcement agencies and other relevant rescue officers to rescue victims, we counsel and give psychosocial support. We also rescue children who are violated, defiled or maltreated. We sensitise the public going from one community to the other and religious organisation so that SGBV would be stopped. We partner with DSVRT, Law Enforcement (Nigeria Police Force (NPF)-Family Unit), FIDA and other NGOs, CBOs, FBOs to achieve our goals.


GREEN (Generating Resourceful Energy for Evergreen Nigeria): Educating and sensitising our target groups, people in urban and rural communities on the effect of climate change caused majorly by human activities and our interaction with our environment. Educating them on mitigation, adaptation and the available alternatives to mitigating and adapting the effect of climate change. We also collaborate with other organisations to train our target group on recycling, up cycling, solar energy, GREEN business and being climate ambassadors.

GREEN Schools: we create awareness in schools on how to care for and preserve the environment e.g, healthy disposition of waste, tree planting, beautifying the environment.

GREEN Advocacy: Engaging government, policy makers, decision makers and collaborating with other organisations to create a better, conducive and sustainable environment.

GREEN Tours: Exploring beautiful GREEN sites with our target groups for them to see, experience and understand all about the environment.

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