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Education is key to human development. TRI campaign on education, creates awareness on the importance of early child education especially for the girl child. We work towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG) by year 2030 by ensuring children especially girls have access to quality and equitable education where they are enrolled, retained, complete basic education and transit to higher education.

Through our “Adopt A School Library and Laboratory Project” we seek donations in kind and in cash from individuals and companies to donate books, renovate , equip school libraries and equip science laboratories to schools in rural and semi urban communities. We believe every child should have access to conducive school library, good books and have a better equipped science laboratory.

Our “Every Child Counts” campaign is a platform where we take literacy campaign to our communities through our ‘’One More Book’’ Reading and Leadership Advocacy Programme (RLAP). The programme promote reading culture and good leadership. During holidays, we organise a 10-day intensive creative learning activity to teach reading technics, creative writing, civic education , story telling, spoken words, leadership , arts & craft . The programme ends with a competition and excursion.