Women & Girls

Do you know?

We focus on educating and empowering girls, especially, out of school girls and teenage mothers.

i. Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics – STEM is promoted to develop skills of those scientifically inclined. They would also be enrolled for external examination and science competition.
ii. Girls In Requisite Learning – GIRL is a new project we are embarking on, where we empower fifty (50) girls bi-annually in IT from basic knowledge through High Tech., in partnership with IT companies.
iii. Girls CAN initiative – GCI is another new initiative of TRI. (a). It showcases girls abilities to excel in their pursuit even in tough situations. ( b). It encourages girls, who could not complete their education, find a second opportunity to complete and transit to higher school or learn skills that they can start a business with. (c). Tell stories of girls who have excelled despite their challenges. This is to encourage young girls to be focused, resilient, creative and use their intelligence wisely. Showcasing ordinary people doing extra – ordinary things.
iv. Talent combined scholarship programme is a platform where girls in senior secondary school especially in public schools will showcase their inherent talent in the performing arts ,i.e, Poetry, Spoken words and Instrumentals. Scholarships are sourced for winners to further their education in the university.